The Ultimate List of Online Resources To Learn Italian Fast and Easy

Whether you are just getting started with Italian or are approaching fluency, here are some amazingly helpful resources available online to set you on the right track. Please feel free to bookmark this page to be able to return here anytime during the journey of learning Italian.

Learn Italian Through Paid Courses

Want to learn Italian conveniently at your pace, and don't mind paying for it? There are paid courses targeting all levels and we have reviewed and rated some of the most popular beginner and intermediate Italian courses on our other blog post. However, our top two picks for anyone wanting to learn Italian are Rocket Italian and Fluenz Italian.

If you plan to take more than one course, Rocket Italian should be the first one you take. If you can just take one course, this should be it. Rocket Italian has revolutionized the language learning industry through its innovative gamified interactive learning methodology that takes the frustration out of the learning and makes it fun and enjoyable.

Designed by linguistic experts and graduates from MIT, Harvard, and Oxford, Fluenz takes a refreshingly new approach to language learning through its interactive learning platform accessible across all your personal devices.

Learn Italian Through Books

Listed below are some of the books every Italian language learner should have in their bookshelf. Check them out.

Paperback Books

Audio Books and DVDs

Learn Italian Through Tutors and One-on-One Personal Coach

Do you learn better with the personalized attention of a teacher? There are thousands of Italian language tutors readily available for you to hire on a per hour basis. Simply check out the platforms listed below, browse through the tutors and select the best time and tutor.

Learn Italian Through Audio Podcasts

Are you into listening to podcasts? Then you will definitely enjoy the following free and paid podcasts that teach Italian.

Learn Italian Through Youtube Videos

Some Italian native speakers turn teachers using Youtube platform and help a lot of aspiring language learners. Here are some channels worth subscribing to.

Learn Italian Through Mobile Applications (Mobile Apps)

Want to learn a language during your commute? We have several apps that cater to just that. Following are some of the most popular apps that you will enjoy learning Italian with.

Learn Italian Through MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses)

MOOCs are a boon to those who want to take language classes from top universities around the world. There are some great Italian courses available for you to take on the following sites.

Learn Italian by Reading Your Favorite Magazines in Italian

Do you know that most of your popular magazines are also available in Italian to read?

News in Spanish

Radio in Italian

Women's Fashion 

Learn Italian by Watching Movies, Documentaries, TV Shows, Serials in Italian

Some Italian documentaries and videos available for you to watch, enjoy and improve your language at the same time.

Learn Italian by Participating in Italian Social Media and Forums

There are some dedicated Italian language learning communities where like-minded people hang out and get their questions answered. Have a question you want to be answered? Head over to these forums.

Learn Italian by Following Italian Language Blogs

Following are some blogs focussed on dispersing useful information to Italian language learners. It is wise to follow them regularly.

Learn Italian Through Downloading Flashcards, Worksheets, and Printables

Learn Italian Through Italian To English Dictionary and Word of the Day

How about learning one Italian word a day or looking up for the meaning of an Italian word only when you need it and setting yourself up for mastery one word at a time? Dictionaries can help you do exactly this.

Collins has a comprehensive coverage of around quarter million words of Italian and their accurate english counterpart.

Reverso Italian - English dictionary offers you a complete user generated and populated words and expressions including Slang words along with thousands of Italian entries and their English translation.

Learn Italian by Reading Your Favorite Comics in Italian

Anonima Fumetti
This is your gateway to Italian comic art. Get the daily news, find out about the cartoonists' society, and much more.

Ehilà Beppe
Sit down and enjoy Italy's favorite comic strip character, Lupo Alberto.

Il Museo Virtuale del Fumetto
Learn more about the history and creation of Italian comics and more from the Museum of Comic Art.

Learn Italian Through Proverbs and Romantic Phrases, Italian Social Media

Social Media

Italian Romantic Phrases

Italian Proverbs

Translate Every Italian Webpage to English Through Italian To English Browser Extensions

These browser extensions can somewhat accurately translate any web page you visit in any language to any other language of your choice. You can use them to learn Italian by translating English pages to Italian and vice versa.

BONUS: Learn Italian by Translating Your Favorite Movie Dialogues in Italian

Sub Learning - Learn Italian Through Translating Movie Dialogues

Let us know if we have missed any of your favorite resource for learning Italian. Wish you a happy learning!