The Ultimate List of Online Resources To Learn Hindi Fast and Easy

Welcome! Your desire to learn Hindi has driven you to the right place. We have compiled all the resources you will ever need to master the language in all its entirety and admire all its subtle beauty. Bookmark the page as it will be easy for you to come back when you need help find something.

Learn Hindi Through Paid Courses

When it comes to programs that take a holistic approach to language learning, Rocket Hindi will be on absolute top. If you are planning to pursue your Hindi learning seriously, you will have to try Rocket.

Rocket Hindi stands top of our list of courses for learning the Hindi language because of the innovative blend of technology and gamification throughout the course that makes language learning incredibly fun and thoroughly enjoyable.

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Learn Hindi Through Books

If you are a book person that learns the best unde the guidance of a physical book, we recommend the ones listed below.

Paperback Books

  1. Practice Makes Perfect Basic Hindi (Practice Makes Perfect Series)
  2. Complete Hindi Beginner to Intermediate Course: Learn to read, write, speak and understand a new language (Teach Yourself)
  3. Elementary Hindi: (MP3 Audio CD Included)

Audio Books and DVDs

  1. Pimsleur Hindi Basic Course - Level 1 Lessons 1-10 CD: Learn to Speak and Understand Hindi with Pimsleur Language Programs
  2. Hindi: A Complete Course for Beginners (Book & 6 Audio CDs)

Learn Hindi Through Tutors and One-on-One Personal Coach

Like to take your learning to next level? Try interacting with native Hindi speakers available for hire on an hourly basis on the following platforms.

Learn Hindi Through Youtube Videos

A lot of native speakers take to youtube to help learners of Hindi. They upload new videos regularly based on user needs and feedback. You can check the following channels for some interesting content.

Learn Hindi Through Mobile Applications (Mobile Apps)

The following mobile applications will make sure that you can resume your language learning anytime, anywhere no matter whether you have a laptop or a book. All you need is a smart phone.

Learn Hindi by Watching Hindi (Bollywood) Movies

The most entertaining way of developing your Hindi skills is by watching your favorite Bollywood movies. No matter what your favorite genre is, you have plenty of awesome movies to choose from. Head over to the web pages below for some ideas.

Learn Hindi by Participating in Hindi Social Media and Forums

These are the places where fellow Hindi learners hang out. Take your questions there and you will get them answered.

Learn Hindi by Following Hindi Language Blogs

These blogs are regularly updated with information that is incredibly helpful for Hindi learners. Check them out.

Learn Hindi Through Downloading Flashcards, Worksheets, and Printables

Flashcards are great visual aids that can help beginner of any new language retain the words learned and recollect them anytime they need'em in a conversation. The following resources have ready made flashcards and worksheets you can make use of.

Learn Hindi Through Hindi To English Dictionary and Word of the Day

How about learning one Hindi word a day or looking up for the meaning of a Hindi word only when you need it and setting yourself up for mastery one word at a time? Dictionaries can help you do exactly this.

Learn Hindi by Reading Your Favorite Comics in Hindi

One comic strip = one Hindi lesson! We recommend these comic books for beginners and intermediates of the Hindi language to try out.

Learn Hindi Through Proverbs and Romantic Phrases, Hindi Social Media

Social Media

Hindi Romantic Phrases

Hindi Proverbs

Translate Any Website in Hindi to English and Vice Versa Using These Browser Extensions

The following browsers when installed can translate any web page written in a language that you don't understand to a language that you understand fully.

BONUS: Learn Hindi by Translating Your Favorite Movie Dialogues in Hindi

Sub Learning - Learn Hindi Through Translating Movie Dialogues

Anything missing from the list? Feel free to mention them in the comments and help Hindi learners. Wish you all a happy learning.

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