The Ultimate List of Online Resources To Learn Chinese Fast and Easy

Congrats on your decision to learn the most spoken tongue on the planet. The sea of information available at your disposal can sometimes be a hindrance to your progress. That's why we have done the work to compile the best ones here in this post out of all the resources available online. Have a look at them and don't forget to bookmark the page to be able to come back later whenever you need help finding something.

Learn Chinese Through Paid Courses

There are only a few online programs that take a holistic approach to language learning taking into consideration all the factors that aid the process of language learning. We have given here our favorite two for learning Chinese and you can read our other post reviewing all the popular learn Chinese online courses.

Rocket languages are always our first choice for learning any language because of their innovative use of technology and gamification to make language learning incredibly enjoyable and engaging. They will make you addicted to learning and you will find yourself logging in to the interface every single day.

Chinese Class 101 contains well categorized and logically laid out 15-minute bite sized podcasts by native speakers of Chinese. The podcasts are quite interesting to watch and learn from. There are integrated tools like flashcards and voice recorders that make learning easy and engaging. You can subscribe to the full course at just 15$/month.

Learn Chinese Through Books

Do you learn the best through the conventional way of reading physical hard copy books? Then, we recommend purchasing the following books.

Paperback Books

Audio Books and DVDs

Learn Chinese Through Tutors and One-on-One Personal Coach

Like to take your Chinese learning to next level? Test your skills by having a one-on-one with native Chinese speakers available for hire on an hourly basis.

Learn Chinese Through Audio Podcasts

Listening to language podcasts is a great way to spend your jogging time, time at the gym or even to and fro your office.

Learn Chinese Through Youtube Videos

A free and convenient way of learning Chinese or even testing your knack for the language is to use Youtube videos. There are many channels dedicated to teaching Chinese but the following ones are found to be the most helpful.

Learn Chinese Through Mobile Applications (Mobile Apps)

Now you can learn Chinese with these user friendly mobile applications that are available to be freely installed on your android and iphones.

Learn Chinese Through MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses)

The following platforms provide a way to learn the language from experts for free. Eventhough our advice is to enroll in a paid course to see improvements on your language learning, you can always use the following lessons for research or reference purpose.

Learn Chinese by Reading Your Favorite Magazines in Chinese

Most of the popular fashion magazines and news networks publish a Chinese edition. You can read them either to improve your Chinese language learning or to test out your level of understanding of the lanugage.

News in Chinese

Radio in Chinese


Learn Chinese by Watching Movies, Documentaries, TV Shows, Serials in Chinese

You can find some good Chinese documentaries on the following sites.

Learn Chinese by Participating in Chinese Social Media and Forums

There are thousands of people who are actively pursuing the process of speaking a new language and there are places where they hang out to help each other. Listed below are some of the places where you can find them.

Learn Chinese by Following Chinese Language Blogs

These blogs do not just provide valuable information but also provide constant inspiration to stick with your language learning.

Learn Chinese Through Downloading Flashcards, Worksheets, and Printables

Flashcards provide a great way to remember and recollect words through means of pictures. The following places have ready made flashcards and worksheets you can immediately make use of.

Learn Chinese Through Chinese To English Dictionary and Word of the Day

Chinese to English and English to Chinese dictionaries that provide accurate translations and sentence usages are pretty hard to find online. The ones listed below do a decent job.

Linguee has an impressively accurate translation ability and sentence usage examples for even hard Chinese terms.

Collins Chinese Dictionary has an extensive database of hundreds of thousands of words for you to refer anytime.

Reverso Chinese - English dictionary offers complete translations of thousands of user-generated words including slang terms.

Learn Chinese by Reading Your Favorite Comics in Chinese

Chinese comic materials are often referred to by the term Manhua. The Chinese characters for manhua are identical for those used in Japanese manga and Korean manhwa.

Learn Chinese Through Proverbs and Romantic Phrases, Chinese Social Media

Social Media

  • Reddit - Chinese
  • WeChat (微信; WĒIXÌN) - Facebook Messenger alternative in China
  • Renren (人人; RÉN RÉN) - Chinese version of Facebook
  • Weibo (微博; WĒIBÓ) - Twitter Alternative
  • Youku Tudou (优酷土豆; YŌUKÙ TǓDÒU) - Youtube Alternative
  • Dian Ping (大众点评; DÀ ZHÒNG DIǍN PÍNG) - Yelp Alternative

Chinese Romantic Phrases

Chinese Proverbs

Translate Any Webpage in Chinese to English and Vice Versa Using These Browser Extensions

Install the browser extensions and you can translate any web page from any language to any other language.

BONUS: Learn Chinese by Translating Your Favorite Movie Dialogues in Chinese

Sub Learning - Learn Chinese Through Translating Movie Dialogues

Do you know of any other resources to learn Chinese? Let us know in the comments. Wish you a happy learning!

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